Star Trails over Ritter Butte, Oregon

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Star Trails over Ritter Butte, Oregon

Photo Details Available Print Sizes:
  • Exposure: 5 hr. @ f/5.6
  • Lens: Schneider Super-Symmar XL 80 mm f/4.5
  • Camera: Wisner Expedition 4x5
  • Film: Fuji Provia 100F, pushed 1-stop
  • Location: Ritter Butte, Oregon
  • Date: 11-Aug-2005
  • Notes: A five hour exposure showing the trailing of stars as they rotate around a common point, the North Celestial Pole; I was actually surprised how well this shot turned out given the fact I used no vacuum back during the exposure; at 45° North, it is difficult to capture the North Celestial Pole with a decent foreground subject (e.g. windmill) since it is so high in the sky.
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