Cepheus Region

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Cepheus Region

Photo Details Available Print Sizes:
  • Exposure: Red(280s), Green(296s), Blue(445s) @ f/6.8
  • Lens: Pentax 105 mm f/2.4
  • Camera: FLI PL-16803
  • Filter: Astrodon Red, Green, and Blue
  • Location: Pendleton, Oregon
  • Date: 27-Jul-2008 @ 2339 PDT
  • Calibration: Maxim DL
  • Processing: PixInsight Standard and Photoshop CS3
  • Notes: Ten images were taken through each color filter for a total of 30 images; the filtered images were sigma-summed in Sigma; Registar counted almost 250,000 stars; IC 1396 is located just left of center; the Cocoon nebula can be found in the lower right.
8"x10" $30.00
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16"x20" $125.00

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