Photography by Thomas W. Earle

Author's Biography

Mr. Earle's been using a camera since the late 70's. In those days it was strictly 35 mm given his limited budget. By the late 80's, he began refining his skills by taking the time to capture the mood of his subjects. "The mood greatly depends on the light falling on a subject so planning is a very important aspect of capturing the right moment". By the late 90s, Mr. Earle ventured into the realm of medium format by purchasing a Pentax 67 with several lenses. At the same time, he moved to Oregon and developed a love for shooting waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge. Struggling with the somewhat limited depth of field in fixed medium format lenses, he purchased a Wisner 4x5 Expedition large format camera in 2001. "With planning, large format cameras are the perfect tool for the landscape photographer."

In addition to photographing landscapes, Mr. Earle is an avid amateur astronomer. He particularly likes capturing bright comets on film. At present, he has confined most of his work to piggyback photography, but will likely venture into the realm of prime focus photography someday.

Mr. Earle hopes everyone enjoys this site as much as he has enjoyed capturing the moments seen within.